• Summer Dream - Yellow, orange and blue, rich in rose essential oils.
  • Morning Rose - Yellow and red, rich in rose essential oil & special essence.
  • Ocean Pearl - Blue and white rich in mint essential oil.
  • Good Night - Purple and green rich in lavender essential oil.
  • Rainforest - Yellow and green rich in lemon essential oil & special essence.
  • Lovely Cupid - Red, white and green rich in lemon essential oil & milk essence.


The latest ingredient ratio ensures great bubbling and floating. Our bath bombs will give you an amazing visual as well as heavenly scents! Natural minerals have lower activity and longer storage time in the absence of water.

All ingredients are made from natural organic Grape Seed Oil, Shea & Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, etc. Lasting, gentle, nourishing, relaxed, without any stimulation or adverse reaction. Our bath bombs will not cause any skin injury. They are suitable for normal and dry skin. May be used continuously to improve skin texture and make the skin smoother and more flexible.

Our bath bombs have passed FDA certification, all raw materials are naturally organic, low plant pigment adhesion, and will not cause any harm to your bathtub, all ingredients are completely soluble in water, leaving no residue, and easy to clean.

Bath Bombs Pack Of 6